Selected Projects

Autumn Ripens | Aki Minoru
Director(s): Momi Yamashita
Producer(s) (Production Company): Momi Yamashita (darwinzfinch)

Minori attempts to boost her self-esteem by aspiring to become a haiku poet. However, her dream is shattered by Aki, a young Okinawan woman, who inadvertently undermines her efforts. In a moment of desperation, Minori steals Aki’s haiku and claims it as her own, ultimately winning the national haiku award.

Production Region: Japan
Pitching: Momi Yammashita (Director)

Borderless Dimension | ภพไร้เขต
Director(s): Possathorn Watcharapanit
Producer(s) (Production Company): Chayanit Popan

Following the death of the excavation leader, an investigator ventures to a secluded ancient site in the mountains. As the inquiry unfolds, the villagers' superstitions and the rise of an alien cult add complexity to the investigation.

Production Region: Thailand
Pitching: Possathorn Watcharapanit (Director)

Gone with the Gods
Director(s): Mayu Nakamura
Producer(s) (Production Company): -

"Gone with the Gods" is a spiritual horror film about a female detective who finds out the murders of missing girls are caused by her own curse.

Production Region: Japan
Pitching: Mayu Nakamura (Director)

Headless Theo | Pugot
Director(s): Jan Carlo Natividad
Producer(s) (Production Company): Kristine De Leon (WAF Studios Inc)

A provincial young man notices his shadow head is missing and embarks on a journey to find and retrieve it before sundown. It is a bad omen, a sign of death.

Production Region: Philippines
Pitching: Jan Carlo Natividad (Writer-Director)

I Thought Jesus Was Korean
Director(s): Elina Osborne, Elina Osborne
Producer(s) (Production Company): Alex Lee (Yalla Media Limited)

Tired of sensationalised depictions of cults, a YouTuber sets out to make a video of her lived experience within a Korean one. She instead, discovers a thread she can’t stop pulling…

Production Region: New Zealand
Pitching: Elina Osborne (Director/Writer)

Kingdom of Kings
Director(s): Sebastian Hurrell
Producer(s) (Production Company): Alex Lee (Yalla Media Limited)

The Kingdom of Tonga is threatened by climate change, health issues and poverty. For many, rugby is their only way out of hardship. Can Tonga survive the corporatisation of their national sport?

Production Region: New Zealand, Australia, Tonga
Pitching: Sebastian Hurrell (Director/Writer)

Magnetic Letters
Director(s): Demie Dangla
Producer(s) (Production Company): Demie Dangla, Gale Osorio (Archipelago)

A daughter confronts her distant and awkward relationship with her father by piecing together fragmented memories from cassette tapes from the late 1980s and the 1990s.

Production Region: Philippines
Pitching: Demie Dangla (Director/Producer)

Director(s): Manuel Alberto Maia
Producer(s) (Production Company): Damar Ardi (Kapsul Waktu Studio), Perlita Desiani

A hopeless romantic young man and an adult woman find themselves drawn together through a puberty ritual. It is the weight of societal expectations and pressures that compel them to recognize the importance of fighting for humanity.

Production Region: Indonesia
Pitching: Manuel Alberto Maia (Director), Damar Ardi (Producer), Perlita Desiani (Producer)

Director(s): JJohn Gordon Fernandez, Gwai Lou
Producer(s) (Production Company): John Gordon Fernandez (Hastur Films Sdn. Bhd.), Annabel Tiu (Hastur Films Sdn. Bhd.)

The raid of a Queer Halloween party in Malaysia flooded social media, pushing a group of drag queens out of the shadows to become the involuntary protagonist in the debate about freedom in Malaysia.

Production Region: Malaysia
Pitching: Gwai Lou, John G. Fernandez (Directors)

Moving Woman
Director(s): Tokio OOHARA
Producer(s) (Production Company): Tokio OOHARA

Toki works the night shift at the airport, cleaning empty floors with her machine. One day, she encounters a ghost girl in an abandoned section of the building. This unexpected encounter alters the course of Tokio’s life.

Production Region: Japan
Pitching: Tokio Oohara (Director and Producer)

Nasheed Nation | Nasyid The Movie
Director(s): Aliff Ihsan Rahman
Producer(s) (Production Company): Saiem Muhammad (Nurflix Production)

A former rock musician's inspiring journey with a youth Nasheed group leads to an invitation from Queen Elizabeth, uniting music and community.

Production Region: Malaysia
Pitching: Aliff Ihsan Rahman (Director)

Numakage Public Swimming Pool | 沼影市民プール
Director(s): Shingo Ota
Producer(s) (Production Company): Kyoko Takenaka (Hydroblast), Maxime Lauret (Hydroblast)

This documentary’s focus Numakage Public Pool is about to be dismantled at the end of its last summer season in August 2023 to make space for brand new condominiums.

Production Region: Japan, France
Pitching: Kyoko Takenaka (Producer)

Scenery of School Trip | 少男少女百年風景
Director(s): Po-Shun Lu
Producer(s) (Production Company): Yi-Ting Wu

Across generations, school trips have profoundly influenced Taiwanese and Japanese students. In 1945 and 2020, global crises challenged these cherished memories. Delve into their resilience as we journey through history, bridging the gap between the past and present.

Production Region: Taiwan
Pitching: Po-Shun Lu (Director)

Shopping Mall Boy
Director(s): Sebastian Ng
Producer(s) (Production Company): Benji Lim (Kinovisuals)

A young journalist stumbles upon the story of her career: a teenage boy has been living within the nooks and crannies of a shopping mall, apparently alone and undetected for years.

Production Region: Malaysia
Pitching: Sebastian Ng (Director)

The Light of Masao Nakagawa | La Luz de Masao Nakagawa
Director(s): Hideki Nakazaki
Producer(s) (Production Company): Natalia Imaz (parabellum film), Jaisia Figueroa (Nomada Films)

In 1927, a Japanese immigrant founded the first photo studio in North Peru. Ninety years later, hundreds of images from the studio's legacy remain hidden in its archive, revealing an inherited past.

Production Region: Peru, Mexico, Germany
Pitching: Hideki Nakazaki (Director), Natalia Imaz (Producer), Jaisia Figueroa (Producer)