Logo design of Cinema at Sea- Ishigaki Island International Film Festival is designed by Tadashi Hashidate, and the main visual is designed by a globally known textile designer Masaru Suzuki.

Logo Design

Cinema at Sea- Ishigaki Island International Film Festival is a film festival with the theme of “cinema at sea-from the Pacific Ocean to the sea, knowing the sea, seeing the sea, and expanding your horizons to the unknown.”
The logo design that expresses the trajectory of stars crossing the border is the brightness film works selected from all over the world will show, and it is our hope.
It is hoped that the works screened here in Ishigaki will shine as a ray of light for people, and that they will be connected to the world beyond the sea and even beyond national borders.

Image of the logo design

The Main Visual

When I first heard about the idea of watching movies on the beach, it blew me away. Then I imagined a scene at a beach where people start to gather one by one. Doesn’t it already have the feeling of a romantic scene from a movie? That is why I decided to design a very simple graphic. At the time of Pre-event 2019, it only had the basic elements of the ocean, the movie screen, and the island. My suggestion was to gradually add its elements and grow itself over time as we prepare for the first Cinema at Sea film festival. May the film festival be a enthusiastic event with a variety of people and a variety of movies from a variety of places.

Masaru Suzuki

Masaru Suzuki - TEXTILE DESIGNER -
Masaru Suzuki worked at Hiroshi Awatsuji Design Studio after graduating from Tama Art University BA Dyeing and Weaving Design. He has started to work independently since 1995. Masaru Suzuki founded UNPIATTO INC in 2002 and established his own fabric brand OTTAIPNU in 2005.
Since he listed his name in designers of Finish Brand Marimekko, he collaborated with various international brands and makers such as Camper, Arflex and many others.
He published “Textile of Masaru Suzuki” from Sibundo Shinkosha publisher, also teaches design works @ Tokyo Zokei University as a professor.