Greetings from the director of programming

The Possibility of Looking At The Sea

I started to go to Ishigaki Island and YAEYAMA Islands for documentary film production since 2013. I never imagined that a film festival could be held at that time. I hope that this film festival will be able to deliver charm and the atmosphere of YAEYAMA Islands to the world while having the local attachment and an international perspective. I want to make this film festival an event where people can share the joy across countries and languages in the place that the natural experience, culture, and art of YAEYAMA Islands merged. I will do my best to let other people experience the unique of the YAEYAMA Islands which I have seen as a Taiwanese who is fascinated by Okinawa’s culture.

The concept of this film festival is “Cinema at Sea,” which connects the keywords “sea” and the dialect “YUGAFU” in Okinawa. Depart from the islands and cross the sea, and see the world from the perspective of wide ocean. Base on this spirit, we will open up new horizons and create a place that respects the coexistence of people and nature.
Besides, we will try to promote the outdoor cinema and hope to break the stereotypes of the existing few theaters in Ishigaki Island. For example, we are planning a project that people can interact with nature through “VR” which has been updated remarkably in recent years. We hope people can feel the sea breeze and watch movies that we selected from the competition of excellent documentaries, the works section focused on “Pacific Island Countries”, new drama films from around the world, short and experimental video, animation, music performance, etc. We really look forward to meeting different talents and new ideas.
The experience of this film festival has already begun from the point of “going to the island.” If you see the deepness of the world from the relaxed atmosphere in a fresh light, you will definitely visit YAEYAMA again.

Cinema at Sea - Ishigaki Island International Film Festival
Director of programming
Huang Yin-Yu

  • Outdoor Screening

    The outdoor cinema will be held on the biggest and most beautiful beach of ISHIGAKI Island. The special screen will be equipped with sound equipment to guide the audience into a dreamy space.

  • Competition

    Competition is the area that attracts the most attention at film festivals. This film festival specializes in documentary films and invites the newest works from the world. Let's witness the moment when new talent is found from ISHIGAKI Island.

  • FOCUS: Director's showcase

    We support the growth of new-born and talented directors, or filmmaker who haven't been well introduced in Japan. We will screen the works from noticeable directors as special features and send the charm of these works from ISHIGAKI Island to the world.

  • View of Pacific Ocean

    We deliver movies from different islands around the world, mainly focus on Fiji, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Samoa, Micronesia, Australia, and the Pacific. This is the special section that conveys the messages of people’s lives on various islands.

  • Virtual Reality zone

    We will explore different expressions by using pioneer media (VR/AR/XR) with the newest works and question the definition of "what is cinema". We'll collaborate with other film festivals all over the world to introduce excellent virtual reality works. We're also planning to invite oversea instructors to held the VR shooting workshop in natural environment of the island.

  • Okinawa Spotlight

    The old and new works interlace together and illustrate the past and now of Okinawa from various viewpoints.