Fusaki Beach

Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas

Fusaki resort facility is made up of a hotel and beach, located on the western end of Ishigaki Island. The great outdoors can be enjoyed here.

Address: 1625 Arakawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa

Outdoor Beach Screen (capacity: approx. 300)

A large 400”screen for the outdoor screening will be set up on Fusaki Beach
*This picture is taken at our test screening event

Yui Road Theater
(capacity: 90)

Japan's southernmost theatre opened in the Summer of 2018 following the renovation of the former Maru Theatre in Downtown Ishigaki. It is a venue for local dances and film showings as well as community presentations.

Address: 3F Marukiya Bldg., 204 Ohkawa, Ishigaki

Art Hotel Ishigakijima
(capacity: approx. 300)

A large hotel located 5-10 minutes by car from downtown. A 300-inch large-scale screen will be set up in the Main Banquet Hall. A shuttle bus runs between the hotel and Fusaki Beach Resort.

Address: 559 Ohkawa, Ishigaki