Come experience the brand new
film festival 2020
at the sea of Ishigaki Island

Name :
Cinema at Sea - Ishigaki Island International Film Festival
First Film
Festival Date :
November 14 (Sat) ~ 11/23 (Mon) 2020
Pre-Event Date :
November 22 (Fri) 23 (Sat) 24 (Sun) 2019
Venue :
Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas,
Yui Road Theater, Art Hotel Ishigaki, and other

Lying 400km to the south-west of Okinawa, Ishigaki island has developed its exceptional history and culture over the centuries. As a matter of fact, of all the islands in the south of Okinawa, not one is said to have evolved in the same way; each having created its own individual identity.

“Yugafu” is an old Okinawan word for “good fortune, peaceful and prosperous time”. Our film festival has the word “Yugafu” in its Japanese title as it is one of the festival’s fundamental values. Among all the Okinawan islands with complex history, Ishigaki inherited the most diversity of ethnic identities. It is from this island that we aim to connect the minorities and the culture of islands all over the world.

Theme of the film festival is:

Cinema at Sea

Gaze into the Pacific, lose yourself in its wonder and embrace the moment.
See the ocean, hear the ocean, feel the ocean – broaden your horizon.

The theme of Ishigaki International Film Festival is “Cinema at Sea.” From where you stand, you look far and wide into the ocean. Then you would experience your vision and thoughts expanding in your head. Our goal is for you to encounter a similar sensation of broadening your view and knowledge through the experience of cinema.

By watching films, we learn something new, feel fulfilled, or simply enjoy their creations and stories. The 4 philosophical pillars of Ishigaki International Film Festival are the essentials of what we think of “What is cinema?”. In this fast-changing modern world of the 21st century, we will keep perusing the meaning of “What is cinema?” through this film festival.

4 principles that support
this film festival

  • 1

    Broaden the field of view

    Educational experience and intellectual experience

  • 2


    Aesthetic and artistic experiences

  • 3

    See with your heart

    Emotional experience

  • 4

    have fun

    Amusing experience